Grile eco Golpla

Grilajele ecologice Golpla sunt cea mai buna solutie pentru a fixa vegetatia in caile de acces,parcari,etc .Desi sunt foarte usoare grilajele Golpla sunt extrem de rezistente la trafic usor,avand o rezistenta la tasare de 50 to/mp .
Product name: Golpla Lawn Grid GolplaGolpla
  • L/W/H = 640 / 330 / 38 mm
  • 5.45 pcs. = 1.0 m²
Colour: green
Material: Impact resisting PP Copo
Laying guideline: Supplier’s laying guideline
Conditions for installation: Thickness of the base layer and of the fine planum between 20 and 50 cm depending on the load class.
Range of application:
  • For parking spaces and access ways for fire brigade
  • Carrying capacity: LGA tested according to DIN EN ISO 604
Accessories: Fixation nails for banks sloping areas, Parking space marking in white
Special features:
  • Quick and easy to lay
  • low in weight
  • Connection through hook/plug system